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Email: jobs@fckrecruitment.co.uk

Employers - The right person, every time

FCK Recruitment uphold the principles of honesty and integrity throughout our entire business, and above all we strive to exceed our employers’ expectations by delivering first class customer service.

FCK has been supplying temporary and permanent candidates to the construction, offshore renewable energy, defence and civil nuclear industries since 2008.  Many of our candidates are ex-military, and all are profiled individually by our team of knowledgeable and experienced consultants.  We have consultants who are themselves ex-servicemen, plus in-house experience ranging from Lake District hospitality to West Africa deepwater drilling, so you can be assured that our candidates have been thoroughly screened by our specialist consultants before you receive their CV and profile.

FCK Recruitment will be happy to walk, drive or fly to research the needs of our current and potential clients, with absolutely no obligation

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